Fishbone 2023 EP - Executive Bundle


We have the vinyl… it’s here in real time and is beautiful.  If you are a Fishbone Soldier, this is the album you need for your collection to bookend the original EP.

The executive bundle is an option for all you board meeting, or career professionals who require a tie for work.  Just because you are in the grind, doesn’t mean you can’t represent Fishbone… this limited edition, designed by Angelo Moore #FuckRacism tie puts this package as a “wink-wink” option for you.  To wrap it all up, it also includes an enamel Fishbone pin for your suit jacket.  Subtle nods, but y’all will be fly as hell.
This is also great for graduations, weddings and funerals! I’m just sayin’…

This bundle is limited in Splatter and Yellow vinyl…