Background Music Curation


Background music is one of the most crucial elements in giving a space the vibe it deserves. Sadly, it's one of the most overlooked elements and often when it's remembered, the brand development process is almost over! Luckily, NoiseCo is here to help. We've been providing music curation and experiential background music for hotels, restaurants, retailers, and brand activations for over 5 years now. We've had the privilege to work with some of the coolest clients and tastemakers.

Two things that truly set us a part are our ultra-simple business model mixed with our ultra-friendly staff who work directly with you to provide the sounds you're looking for!

No algorithmic or AI bullshit. Just real people. Real music. Real vibe.

Here's how it works...

One-year campaigns are $5,000 and one-off campaigns are $2,500.

Both campaigns include a learning period that leads up to playlist delivery. Both campaigns run the same - One-off campaigns just end after step #5. See below...

1) We get a general feel for your brand's vibe and assign a curator to your account.

2) Your curator hops on a Zoom with you so they can get a deeper understanding of what you're looking for sonically.

3) Your curator delivers a rough draft playlist (usually takes 5 business days to turn this around).

4) You and your curator have another meeting to talk about what you like/dislike, add/subtract tunes, etc... This can be done via email if you prefer. 

5) Your curator delivers Playlist v1 to you. **one-off campaigns end here. One-year campaigns continue**

6) Your property uses v1 for the next 3 months. Over this time, your staff and customers can give you feedback and any changes or new ideas can be applied to v2 along with updated selections that your curator ha sin mind.

7) v2 is delivered on month 4. Any changes needed during this time will be reflected and rolled over to v3.

8) v3 is delivered on month 6. Any changes needed during this time will be reflected and rolled over to v4.

9) v4 is delivered on month 9. 

10) At the beginning of month 9, you decide if you'd like to renew for another year. If we continue, we can start the process over with a completely new concept or continue honing the vibe we've created so far.

Our playlists are delivered and streamed via Spotify. NoiseCo does not provide subscriptions to Spotify or third-party PROs such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. We don't provide music players, electronics, or hardware, but we are happy to brainstorm about your space, discuss your needs, and recommend different options.
We look forward to working with you to make your space sing! 

If you have any questions before booking, please don't hesitate to email us HERE.