How to book


Due to high demand, we have limited headlining slots available.

We are prioritizing artists who can potentially sell 200+ tickets worldwide.
Smaller, developing artists will be reviewed and considered for opening slots.

While we make every effort to reply to everyone, we cannot guarantee a personal response to all submissions.


If you have developing artists that would be well-suited for main support or 1st of 3, consider packaging them with your larger artists. Support slots are easy - the opener pre-records their performance and we broadcast it before the headliner's live set.

You can find out more about opening acts in the FAQ below.

Our venues have limited capacity to sell 10 in-person tickets. This gives fans the chance to be in the room, and gives artists a live audience they can see. The pricing for VIP tickets is totally up to the Artist. 


What happens when I click "Submit Artist"?

You'll be taken to a Google Form where you'll tell us about the artist, what venue and dates you'd like to hold, and any other important info that you think we may need.

How does the money work?

First, come up with your ticket price.

Most of our shows are in the $15-$20 range and our minimum ticket price is $5.

Two days after the show, we'll send you a settlement sheet showing all ticket sales.

We deduct credit card transaction fees* as a show cost and split the net proceeds with you 50/50.

We split our 50% share with the venue.

*Transaction fees are equal to 2.9% of the ticket price + 30¢ per ticket. 

How do I know if my ticket price is right?

Only you know what your fans are willing to pay. We have ways of calculating fair market value based on social data and touring history, but in the end it comes down to what you want to charge. Our livestreams are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible. It's a multiple camera production edited in real time to deliver a superior product compared to what most fans are used to. 

Do you pay guarantees?

Not at this time. We hope to offer guarantees one day when the livestream industry matures and finds equilibrium. Until then it’s old-school door deals. 

What does a typical Run of Show look like?


10:00am-11:00am: Load-in 

     - Artist and/or crew loads into the venue

     - We have loaders to help 

11:00am-12:00pm: Set-up 

     - Artist sets the stage however they wish

     - Please advance elaborate decorations and set design with us prior to the gig

12:00pm-2:00pm: Soundcheck and Camera blocking 

     - Dial in monitors

     - Test broadcast levels

     - Run through camera moves 

     - Artist may use this time to try out songs and get comfortable on stage

2:00pm-3:00pm: Review web assets 

     - Final review of livestream logos and scene overlays 

     - Final review of “Pre-show” footage

     - Final review of “Opening act” footage (if applicable) 

3:00pm-6:30pm: Dark stage 

     - Artist and crew are off-duty and may chill in the venue or explore the city and grab dinner

6:30pm-7:00pm: Venue calltime

     - Artist and crew arrive back at venue before “Doors”

7:00pm-7:30pm: Doors

     - Concert URL is now live to ticket holders! 

     - “Pre-show” footage is now playing

     - Fans are arriving, chatting and buying merch from the concert page

7:30pm-9:30pm: Showtime

     - Depending on the advance, “Opening act” footage begins 30 minutes after doors, or Artist goes live

9:30pm-10:00pm: Post-show 

     - Artist finishes and crew loads out

     - Concert page and chat stays live for 24 hours to generate additional merch revenue

2 days following the gig: Settlement

     - We will send you a CSV of all ticket sales and settlement sheet

     - We will send you a CSV of all merch sales and settlement sheet

     - Payment will be mailed to the address on file

How does selling merch work?

One of the cool things about our software is that it allows you to sell products right on the livestream page. There are two ways to handle fulfillment and you can do a little both if you want.

#1 is for artists that have inventory and #2 is for artists that don't have inventory or just don't feel like dealing. Here's how each one works...

OPTION 1 (you have inventory): 
Send us pix of your merch and we'll put them up on to sell during your event. After the gig, we'll send you a CSV of all orders placed during the gig. We will back out all transaction fees and send you a check for 90% of the remainder. You'll take the CSV and fulfill each merch order on your own.

OPTION 2 (you don't have inventory or don't want to deal):

Send us PNG files of designs and logos you want to you. With your input, we’ll create a line of products for you and sell them during the show. When someone buys an item, our printer gets notified and begins printing and fulfilling the item. You never have to worry about packing up merch and going to the post office. 

SETTLEMENT: After the gig, we will send you a CSV of all orders placed during the gig. We will back out all transaction fees. COGS (cost of goods sold) for drop-shipped items will be backed out as well. We will send you a check for 90% of the remainder.

Can I donate my fee (or a portion of it) to charity? 

Yes! There are a few way to do this. You can have all of your proceeds donated to the cause of your choice. You can also have two different ticket prices, like a GA ticket for $15 and a $20 ticket where $5 goes to your charity. You can also have a donation item in the merch collection so fans can donate during the gig.

When should we go on sale? 

We can go on sale anytime prior to the show. Just like any other gig, more lead-time usually means more ticket sales. We recommend at least 2 weeks prior to your show, however, you could do a flash day-of show if you wanted, although this would have to be planned in advance.

Do I get a guestlist? 

Yes! Every artist gets a 50 person guest list that can be used for friends, family, fan club members, Patreon, industry, etc.... if you need more guest list spots, you or your label will be required to do a ticket-buy just like any other gig.

Can I have an opening act?

Yes! Openers are easy to coordinate and add a lot to the real-show experience. Choose your opener(s) and have them pre-record their performances. 1-5 songs is a good length for an opening set. Please send us a download link to the video so we can make sure it's ready to go on the day. 

• Openers should record horizontally. iPhone/Andoid is fine.
All Opener fees are negotiated between Headliner and Opener. Headliner is responsible for paying Opener fees. If headliner is unable to pay the Opener and would like us to handle payment, we can deduct the Opener fee from your cut and send a check to the Opener on your behalf.

Is it awkward doing a livestream?

it can definitely feel awkward playing a show for an invisible crowd. But luckily as a musician, you have experience in the studio where you have to deliver amazing performances without seeing a screaming audience at your feet. Think of livesteaming as a mixture of stage and studio. As for stage banter, just be yourself. People are paying to see and hear YOU! The experience is what they are looking for. You can address the crowd however you want. One easy way to make it feel like everyone is together in the room, is by referring to the venue itself - “What’s up Continental Club!!?!?” etc...

Can we bring our own crew?

Yes! Part of our mission is to keep music professionals working and fulfilled. We take care of all video production and all broadcast audio. Our lead broadcasting engineer will be manning the console, but you can totally bring your own FOH, monitor person, LD, or TM to oversee effects processing and any song-specific moves. We abide by all local and federal social-distancing rules. Please advance all outside crew with us one week prior to the gig.

How do we know if we get the gig?

You will hear from very quickly if we are able to add you to the calendar. We will begin the on-boarding process which will include advancing and visual asset delivery. If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, please followup. We overflowing with requests at the moment an will try to get back to everyone even if we are unable to schedule your artist.

If we get the gig, what are some things we will need to advance?

• How many people will be on stage performing?

• How many crew members will be attending, and what are their roles? Family members and significant others can attend as crew.

• Will you be selling merch? if so will you be fulfilling items or would you like for us to print and dropship items for you?

• We will need collaborator access to your social media accounts so we can run ads on your behalf and monitor engagement.

• Does artist use IEMs or do they require wedges?
• Will you be setting up elaborate stage decor? If so, YAY, tell us more!

What is pre-show footage?

Pre-show footage is video (or photo stills) that you would like to air from doors until the first artist goes on. This can be old concert footage, candid footage from the artist, and any other conctent you'd like to show your audience. Opening acts are pre-recorded, so every piece of content that airs before your set will have been processed and uploaded into our system prior to the day.

Do I need to live in Texas to perform at one of your venues?

No! You can live anywhere. We can handle all on-boarding and asset management remotely. All you need to do is make sure the artist is at the venue by 10am day of show. :)