About Us - OLD


The Noise Company is a management firm that takes a holistic approach in helping creators reach their goals. NoiseCo was founded by Ben Kweller, and began operating as a record label in 2008. The company’s emphasis on design and aesthetics led to a Grammy nomination in 2012,  for “Best Album Packaging”. The following year, the company released Wild Child’s acclaimed album, The Runaround. Over time, NoiseCo has expanded into the management space, placing a strong focus on artist development, mentoring, and business strategy.  

NoiseCo ignores the traditional "one manager to one artist" setup. Instead, we cultivate an environment where all of our artists and managers work together as a team for the greater good. While each creator has a point person that receives public inquiries and directs traffic, everyone works behind the scenes. Artists help artists and managers help managers. This unique co-op feel sets NoiseCo apart from traditional companies in the music business. 

Musicians, entrepreneurs, visual artists, actors, small business owners, graphic designers, and programmers... They are all creators. At the end of the day art is art, creations are creations. Every creator deserves support, attention and compensation for the contributions they make. In a society that reveres the consumer, NoiseCo stands with the creator.